Stareatjello Design is a design and letterpress studio located in the Brockton neighbourhood in the west end of Toronto. Here, we are in love with the idea of communicating through ink and paper.

We specialize in calling cards, personalized stationery, and greeting cards. Each piece is thoughtfully designed in-house and —using cotton or recycle papers and water-soluble inks— printed on our antique press using moveable type, polymer plates, or a combination of the two.

Letterpress printing truly is a labour of love —from hand-setting type to feeding each sheet of paper through the press, to trimming and scoring— each item is a uniquely crafted piece of art. And at Stareatjello Design we envision this love and labour continuing on through our customers. Whether jotting a quick thank you note or professing undying love in a letter, then pass it along to the chosen recipient, who may then display it in their home, sharing with others; or place it in a box of keepsakes for some future self to find and take a trip down memory lane. With every hand-crafted piece, we are excited by the idea of each having it’s own fulsome journey!

A few things we love:
printing using centuries old techniques (with a few modern twists thrown in here & there!)
 hand-written letters & stamps
 dropping envelopes into the post & receiving letters in the post(!!)
 slowing down & getting our hands dirty
 attention to detail
 problem solving & learning something new
 making & sharing
 luxurious papers & fountain pens
 typography & smart design
 family & friends  xo