• Chanukah 2015
  • Christmas 2015

It’s that time of year

Time to cosy up with a warm beverage, holiday tunes blaring (or in the background, whichever suits your liking), pen in hand and write those holiday cards. Haven’t done that in years? Ever?? This is your year.

What beats getting a card in the post —especially this time of year? I have fond memories of my childhood home, a plain piece of string hung from ceiling to ceiling or framing the doorway —just waiting for holiday cards to arrive. We’d open each envelope that was delivered, read the festive, handwritten note and then place each on the string next to the others. Marvelling at the diversity of cards; the shapes and sizes, illustrations styles and embellishments. This tradition was as much a part of our family’s Christmas decorations as the tree itself.

So, in the spirit of it is better to give then to receive, might we suggest you pour yourself a second mug of eggnog and pen a couple extra cards this season. It’ll make someone’s day…and remember, what goes around, comes around, hang up your string and wait for the cards to arrive!

ps Our Etsy shop is now up and running and taking orders for this holiday season!